Saturday, September 26, 2009

2 Year Check-up and stuff!

There simply is not enough time in the day! Things have been quite busy indeed here at the Wedekind residence! Grandpa is here for a visit and is leaving with grandma tomorrow : ((( Zaela and I have been soooo lucky to have grandma here to take care of us since February. So we are going to have a big transition with daycare, as our official start date is Oct. 6th. Fortunately, I get to spend a week with Zaela at home until daycare starts!!

Well, most of you know that one of the other reasons I have been so busy (and a terrible blogger) is because I met my Mr. Fabulous back in July. Yes, I am here to say that there are a few good men still out there ladies ; )) More news to come on that!!! : )))))

Zaela also had her two year check up! She weighed in at 33.2 lbs and 36 inches. She is healthy and happy (other than when she got her shots!) The doctor actually put her on 2% milk.. lol! My only wish now is that I could have another 6 months off with her.... but... I guess you just can't have it all!! In the meantime,,,, life is good!

Grandpa and Zaela
Already HATING that d*** scale!!!!!!!!!!

"Time Out" corner,,, she actually sits there!!!???!!

Fun at "Pretend City" in Irvine....

Lounging at the pool!