Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have a BLOG???!??!

I seriously don't know how people do it with more than one kid! I have been so busy that someone had to remind me that I even have a blog! Life is hectic, but could not be better in our little corner of the world.....ok except for a few more teeth coming in;-)

We have been on the move with birthday parties, local beach trips with some fellow AP's, and recently returned from Dallas where we attended a reuion for my adoption agency! WOW,,, it was CRAZY but so much fun meeting everyone!

Today was spent mattress shopping because someone can now leap out of her crib in a single bound! Yup, Zaela is going to have her own "Big Bed!!!" Growing up waaaaaaay to fast!

Zaela and "E-I"
Auntie D on the 4th!!!! Great view at Gina's :-))
Gina, Z, and CUTIE PiE "Taj"

Thelma and Louise!!!! LOL

Z, Ava, and Ana in Dallas
Our first trip to the Big pool!.... everything is bigger in Dallas!

Too much partying with the Pruitt sisters!

So cute,,, Zaela's new BFF

The party room.....E-I, Addis, Lalu, and Miranda!

"The girls of Hope"....thanks for the pose Mir! lol

Jordon's Birthday Party!