Monday, February 22, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out....etc..

Never a dull moment with Miss Z around!!! I have gotten a few "Where are you guys???" emails so I thought I better make the time for a post! We just had a wonderful time with my friends (and Zaela's Godparents!) from Wisconsin who came to visit us,,, wish they could have stayed longer! Thanks for coming Jay, Kel, and Kasey!!!! And here are some of our highlights since the last post.....

Today we went to the LA Zoo and checked out some animals!! She is a climber!!! The park is a little stressful for mom now!!!!!!!

Took a tumbling class at My Little Gym.... not sure if they want us back after she tore the place up on her first visit! lol

Jay and Shands enjoying Zaela's Tea Party!

Zaela's first Valentine's Rose compliments of Shands!

Hangin' out with Olivia and Jasmine at Lyra's Birthday party,,, boy does she love a good Juice Box!!

A playdate with Pat's sweetie Melat! I think someone was jealous : )

My thoughts exactly,,, potty training... sigh........
Playing dress up,,, "I'm a princess!!!"

"Who Let the Dogs Out," by Zaela Rose !!!!