Sunday, February 15, 2009

Legally Zaela Rose...

It was a busy week.... back to work, taxes, post-placement visit, party time at Auntie D.'s, and Zaela's RE-ADOPTION! Yay,,, she is legally Zaela Rose as of February 11th! I sooo missed being at home with her, but having grandma here has certainly made it easier to return to work (and get things like my taxes done!)

Auntie D. gave us a preview pic of our latest photo session.... I LOVE the latest pic of my little Ethio-American Girl!!!! Auntie D. takes thee BEST photos!!!! THANK-YOU girlie:-))))

YaY,,, grandma is here!

Feb 11th,,, Re-Adoption Day!

Auntie D. showed me how to mix "Lemonade"!!! She's so smart!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Zaela

Dear Zaela,
My life has been a dream since the day I first held you in my arms. We have spent everyday and night together since and it has simply been the best days of my life. I love waking up to your baby babble and coming into your room to see your sweet face. Our days have been filled with stroller walks, playing at the park, and sometimes just enjoying days at home. I have cherished watching you experience your milestones, while growing and developing quite the personality!
Every night I have rocked you to sleep with your lullabies and reflected on our time together as I try to etch the memory of each day on my heart. I am so grateful for you and the precious time I was given to be at home with you. Tomorrow as I return to work, I want you to know my heart will break and I will be missing you every minute! My hope for you is that one day you too will experience the pure joy of motherhood and comprehend how much you mean to me and the joy you brought to my life.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life is GOOD!

If there is such thing as a perfect day,,,, today was it! There is nothing better than beautiful weather, the sound of the ocean on a desolate beach, and watching my little girl smile and play in the sand! It just doesn't get any better!!!!

Here are a few pics from today and some other highlights of my last week (so far) home with little Z! We also did another photo shoot with Auntie D. on Monday!!! Yayyyyyyy,,, more fabulous pics to come:-)))

Today's fun in the sun,,, hard at work playing and sporting her sunglasses!!

Monday we went to a kids concert,, guess who was right in the middle of things dancing away??

Ahhhh, that's right, help mama dust! That;s my girl!

Playdate with friends:-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


But yet another special gift Zaela recieved was from her Godparent's son, Kasey! Kasey handed down his first Bible to little Zaela! How nice!! THANK Kasey, Kel, and Jay for enduring the bitter cold and terrible driving conditions to be a part of Zaela's baptism!!!