Monday, June 22, 2009

ABC and 1,2,3

So it seems little Zaela is learning her numbers and letters! Unfortunately, whenever I turn on the video she gets distracted so these are not even her best performances! I could hardly believe it when I heard her! My favorite is the end of the alphabet.. "Now I know my..." Sooooo cute!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday FUNday!

What a great weekend we had! It started Saturday with a stroller walk to Macy's. Zaela fell asleep which gave mom the window of opportunity to spend lots of money on new clothes. Not that I had a whole lot of extra money lining my pockets, but.... she was sleeping and there was a sale!!! I had to seize the opportunity,,, right?? LOL

Today we headed to church. Much to my suprise Zaela played for well over an hour in the daycare room! Just one little fussy moment that apparently a grahm cracker quickly solved! Grandma watched her today during her naptime and I was able to join 3 other single AP's for a nice lunch and conversation!!! Yes, it was nice to actually complete a thought and sentences without tending to my little munchkin and send off my friend Mona , who is leaving next week to get her Janissa!!!! YaY!!

This afternoon Zaela got her water time in!!! She can't get enough of wah-wah and "side"! She didn't even need a swimming suit earlier in the week to join in the neighborhood festivities (check out the pics!) :-)

Unfortunately I do have some bad news to report. It would appear that I am now having first hand experience of the "Terrible 2's" phenomenon that seems to strike at about this time. Zaela now uses the word "NO" frequently and with conviction! She also had her first "let's throw myself on the ground and throw a fit" when I don't get my way episode. Yikes,,,, where did my sweet baby go???? OK, she still has some sugar in her, but WOW am I going to have my hands full!!!

In her Sunday dress!

Who need a swimsuit for a Slip and Slide??? Not Zaela!

Pics from today!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Auntie D is our resident expert in nicknames and once again she picked a winner,,, "Zales!" Little Zales is learning new things at a rapid pace these days. She knows her body parts, animals and their sounds, and is putting words together like, "What happened, Ice cream truck (suprise, suprise!), and "I love you!" She is still a busy body and loves to be outside and in any water she can find! It amazes me everyday how fast they seem to grow and learn,,, it just goes way too fast!
Now for pics,, A day in the life of "Zales" with Auntie D and her other Uncle Greg:-)

Who is that coool chick???

Hangin' wth Grandpa

Yes, I am sleeping here!

Yes, I am sleeping here too!!!!!!!

Shake it, shake it!!! Our local weekly Children's Concert:-))

A pic without Zales...LOL! A fresh look for the summer! I always wanted a red door!

I LOVE YOU video!