Friday, March 20, 2009

What's your name???

Grandma and Zaela have been having some fun days! Unfortunately they often start anywhere from 4 - 5:30AM! I love to be able to say good-bye to her in the morning, but it sure does take longer to get out of the house and I'm sure grandma would appreciate a little more sleep! As you will see in the video little girl LOVES shoes, the park, and saying her name! Yup, grandma has been doing some home schooling and taught her how to say "Zay-ya!"

Hangin' with grandma.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Momma at wwooork"

Unfortunately Zaela's new word is,,,"wwooork!" It's so different not being able to spend all of my time with her now that I am back to work, but Grandma is having so much fun with her and I am met at the door with smiles and hugs:-)

Z is growing like crazy and jabbers non-stop! She enjoyed her last bottle a week ago and has not looked back so I guess she is officially a "big" girl now! I'm kind of sad about that!

We have been keeping so busy lately that it's tough to find the time to post! We have had a few highlights like meeting our new friends Beth and Dori! Zaela's friends Mikey and Eli also turned "1" in February so we have been hitting the party circuit!

My new friend Dori came all the way to Honey Beach to see me!!

I really was happy here at Eli's birthday party!!

Sharing my favorite cupboard with my buddy "Eli"!