Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look who has taken over my HB pad!?!!!

It's hard to believe that we have not even been home for a week! Zaela is settling into her new home quite well. That's right,,, all 23 lbs and 28 inches of her is letting me know who the Princess of the Palace is!!! This is what we have been up to the last few days.... :-)

Zaela's custom new chair!!! THANKS PAM!!!

Heeeeyy.... Give me a call... Let's chat!

Lovin' the Jumperoo!!!

Ready to walk so I can really tear up this place!!?!!!

My first Bob Stroller ride!

My first mail!!! THANKS Auntie Christy and Rebecca!

My first ride in my new car seat!

Definitely not digging the whole Dr. thing! ENOUGH already!!!

AAhhhh.... my favorite nap spot outside on the porch! Night Night!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're HOME!

Where do I start??? We arrived home lastnight around 10 PM. Zaela is quite the little girl! She is a sweet snuggle bunny with quite the personality already. She knows exactly what she wants and pretty much better go along with it or else! Hmmmm,,, sounds hauntingly familiar! She took to us easily and overall is doing quite well with all of the travel and changes she has experienced in the last few days.

Speaking of travel... for a multitude of reasons it was almost unbearable. It was a difficult trek both ways but of course worth it all in the end. Nikko and her mother-in-law were with us during the majority of the travel and in country stay. It was great to have the extra help and support during the hectic and sometimes stressful stay in Ethiopia. We also got to spend time with the Mott's, Tim, Theresa, and another great family from another agency. It really did make the experience all the sweeter with such great company!!!!

So this is what I know so far... Zaela loves being outside! She seems to be captivated with everything going on and does not want to miss a thing. Day one I have also found that she LOVES her jumperoo and bathtime! As a matter of fact, bathtime was so engaging that I also got one:-)

It was hard to narrow it down, but here are a few pictures. I will eventually do a slide show,,but when I will have time....who knows?? LOL Oh, and check out the pics to see who welcomed Zaela and Fiori into America!!! SWEET! Just wanted to let everyone know we are home safe and Zaela is doing great! I will post more later, but as you can imagine I am still tired and a bit distracted with my sweet girlie!

GOTCHA 08/18/08!!!!

SWEET girl :-)

Sleepy time!

At her first doctor's visit in Addis Ababa!

Sound asleep at the New Flower!

All dressed up for grandma!!!

Am I cute or am I CUTE??

Making friends in the bassinet section of the aircraft!
The next two supermodels meeting Brooke Shields at JFK!

HOME SWEET HOME and playing at 3 AM!!!!

Lovin' my bathtime!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here we come Zaela!!!!

It's hard to believe my turn has finally come!!! It is strange to think that when I return home life as I know it will be over! I am looking forward to a new chapter with little Zaela and just can not wait to get her in my arms and home forever. I will be leaving from LAX at 1045 tomorrow (Friday) and meeting my mom in NYC.......... I will try to post from Ethiopia but the computer usage is limited and the internet connection slow at best! See you all when WE get HOME:-)))
Here is the rest of my itinerary on Emirites Airlines.....

NYC-Dubai 11:00 PM - 7:45 PM (Aug 16)
Dubai - Addis 8:25 AM (Aug 17) - 11:30 AM

Addis - Dubai 7:35 PM (Aug 22) - 12:45 AM (Aug 23)
Dubai - NYC 2:00 AM - 7:45 AM (Emirites Flight 203)
NYC - LAX 11:30 AM - 2:31 PM (United Flight 87)

If all goes well we will be home Saturday the 23rd at 2:31 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YaY :-))))))))

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Purchases, Packing, & Update!

This Beco Carrier is my latest purchase! I plan on using my Lucky Sling (thanks Rebecca!) while in Ethiopia, but just in case she is too big,,, I will have my Beco!

The packing is coming along! I have Zaela all packed and ready, now I just have to get myself packed. I have quite the long "to do" list for the weekend, but I will be more than ready to leave by next Friday.

Many waiting families also received an update from Jaclyn this morning! HERE was mine on Zaela (Hermela):

Hermela- A DOLL of course! She is so cute! I think she is wearing about 12 months Lisa. 6-9 month may fit but not for long. I have that size for Theo and I am going to leave them here because they won't fit when I come back. The caregivers say "Hermela and Theo are so big!" The are the biggest in the room.

Thanks Jaclyn!! The countdown is on!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ethiopia BLOG Union 2008

It was fun in the sun at the first BLOG Union hosted by Drew and Carey in Hermosa Beach! Families that have met through blogging from all over the U.S. finally got to meet each other and their beautiful children. I was able to meet my Blog friend Jocelyn and her little girl Pacey....what an absolute doll! It was a great weekend and I met so many wonderful folks. The only thing missing..... ZAELA!!