Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are HERE!

Here we are !!! For many reasons I just haven't had the time to blog and really have no idea how you "good" bloggers keep up! The holidays were so busy and flew by way too fast. Zaela had a great time this year talking about Santa and the 16' Nutcracker displayed down the street! We are still hearing about the Nutcracker EVERYDAY!!!! In usual Zaela form, she was the center of attention and loved having grandma and grandpa here for 2 weeks!

She is back in daycare now and adjusting well. We have a Dr. appt on the 18th to try to find out why she favors her right eye so much... other than that..... all good and weighing in just shy of 37lbs these days!

So here are some pics and a little video....

Using her new vaccuum!

Nap time with Grandpa
My new chairs that Grandpa built!!!

The infamous "Nutcracker!!!!"

Lovin' my new kitchen!

They won't miss this one cookie!!!

Stirrin' up the batter!

Helping Grandma??? Hmmmm....

Zaela and E-I.... what can we say,,, the Santa line was too long so we opted for the Poinsettia!

Squeezin' oranges!

PB&J Break with E-I
Feeding my new dolly!

Help,,,, I'm stuck in the chair mama!!!!!!!!!

The "Hokey Pokey"