Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's been happening

As February soon appoaches I realize that my time home with Zaela is coming to an end. I'm already starting to miss her and its still 2 weeks away! More about that later,,,, on to more fun things! I was a bit distracted by the rabbit attack and haven't had much of a chance to post the highlights of our January!

My darling cousin Lorie flew back from Wisconsin with us on the 2nd! It was a great visit and can't wait for her to come back soon:-))) She was here to celebrate mine and my friend Christy's birthdays!!! Thanks again for a wonderful Birthday dinner Christy....definitely different from any other:-)

Zaela also had her 15 month check up! She is saying several words now (I can't get enough of mama!) She has 8 teeth and her molars are coming in as well. She is 31" and weighed in at 26.9 lbs!!!!! She is in the 70% for height and 92% for weight!

We have had some fun playdates with our old friends Mikey and Eli and also met up with some new friends and AP's at the Rainforest Cafe for a fun time!

And the pics.....

Lorie enjoying here time in "warm" weather!

YaY,,,, Swinging!!!

My little buddy "Eli" chillin' in my Boon!

Vrrrooom,,, hang on Mikey!!!!!!!

Hangin' with the New Pres!

Waiting for the Doctor!

My new friend Sabah!!

My new playground... Pottery Barn Kids!!!!

Indoor fun!


Chris said...

wow sounds like you are a busy mommy:)
The Pictures look great and I love the picture of your mom and Zaela:)
Oh and Happy birthday .

Jocelyn said...

Happy birthday to you!! (belated of course:-) Zaela looks so cute in that chair..I love it!! Glad to hear things are going so well!! Keep the posts coming!!

Kristine said...

So cute as always!
I love how you have the whole entertainment center gated off. :)

Christy said...

The first of many interesting birthdays I am sure!! Sorry you two are under the weather! We'll have to go wild on one of our last days before we get back to reality. :(

And I love the picture of Zaela and your Mom!

Meggs said...

When was your birthday?! Mine is Monday-so close together! :) Anyway, happy Belated birthday miss lisa! LOVE LOVE the pics!

Malia'sMama said...

She's so flipping CUTE!! Oh Mama, sorry you can't stay home. I lament everyday... sigh.