Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Easter EGGstravaganza!!!

Adoption,,,,, a wonderful gift that fills your life with so much joy!!! What I didn't realize is how many great friends I would also meet along the way with the common bond of adoption. This week I got to plan our trip to Texas for my agency reunion in July and enjoy my first annual Easter Eggstravaganza with a local group of adoptive parents! I feel so lucky to have met such a great group of supportive friends and look forward to seeing our children grow up together! I'm so happy Christy and Mona joined the group and thank-you Mona for helping out with Zaela!!!

Also a huge thank-you to Auntie D.D.D. for the beautiful pictures and Jamie who gave Zaela the most beautiful Easter dress (see pic below!) The other big news is that grandma purchased a potty chair for Zaela's Easter present! She hasn't quite figured out how to use it yet, but sure likes checking it out!!!

Zaela and the Easter Bunny in her new dress!

Zaela and her new friends!!!!

Look mama,, I found an egg!!

I love all my friends!

Especially Eli:-))

Hangin' out on my new potty with my bunny ears!


Chris said...

AGAIN Beautiful pictures of princess Zaela. :) She is so beautiful!!! I feel the same about adopting . Best gift to have a new child through adoption but also all the friends that I made through this journey.
I hope that I can make it this summer.
Oh and how the heck can you have a white rug?? That would stay nice maybe 10 minutes in my house :(

Rebecca Smith said...

Adoption truly is an amazing gift! I just love the pictures. She's such a beauty!

Mona said...

I am so happy to have met you. And I'll help with Princess Zaela any time you want.

TJ said...

The gifts of adoption/motherhood just keep coming, don't they? What a great little network you have locally - so nice for you, so great for the kids! Can't believe we still haven't connected by phone, but at least there's July - booked my flight this week too! Yippie! Thinking of you guys!

Rebecca said...

Hello ladies!
We are going to have SO much fun in Dallas! Poor city will never be the same! I'm talking about the damage our divas are gonna do...not us!!
Grandma has good taste with the Easter dress!!

Kristine said...

She is adorable as always. That little Zaela will never know how much her story inspires me and keeps me hangin' on.

I am so bummed that we probably won't be there in July! I would love to meet in person!

Chris said...

She is a goddess!!! Just like her mama! I tell all our friends I wish I could bottle up the joy that it has brought to our lives and share it with everyone!! It really is so amazing!! Can't wait to see you girlies in July!!

Malia'sMama said...

GORGEOUS Easter dress, but them Miss Z could wear rags and look lovely. GIIIIRL, how does one center a pic on the header like you have? Pretty please teach me!

Bennett said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!!!

She is such a cutie!!!!

Bennett said...

I just saw this

Is her purple bag matching her purple outfit on purpose?

how cute


Malia'sMama said...

Hey chica, I just awarded you on my blog!

Lisa said...

LOL! Kinda happened on accident Celeste:-)

Hauswife said...

LOVE all the photos! She is an angel baby!