Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To my little sweetheart,

We have had one amazing year together! It seems like forever since I was off work and able to spend everyday with you going for stroller walks and just enjoying each other. We have been so fortunate that you were able to spend the last 6 months with grandma after my return to work! You have become quite the grandma's girl and had so much fun together! As a matter of fact, we have both been spoiled by grandma!!!

I can't wait to come home everyday and chase you down for my hugs and kisses : ))) You have brought so much joy to so many and I look forward to every precious year I am given with you!

It is sometime still hard to believe how miraculous adoption is.... I am forever grateful for the priceless gift I was given to be able to call you my daughter.

I love You,,,,, Mama

July 18, 2008

July 18, 2009


Jocelyn said...

So sweet!! Can you even believe it has been a year??

Chris said...

Beautiful Lisa.
the Look in her face on the july 2009 pictures lol too cute.
You are so lucky to have your mom with you .Enjoy

Bennett said...

wow a year already!!!

She is jut growing so much!!!

Can't wait to continue to follow the journey

Meggs said...

Ahh, how I remember our first days with our babies!!! Congratulations on one year of being home together! It is a blessing, and adoption truley is a miracle!!! Love u guys!

Meggs said...

Just saw your comment, When and Where sounds good, how bout this fall! Here!!!! We can house u all, if the New Flower can, SO CAN WE :)

Christy said...

I just watched her montage again! She has grown soo much! She is an amazing little girl!

The Mrs/Mommy said...

Aww congrats on your year of miracles! my baby is almost 2 and I don't know where time went! enjoy her!


Kristine said...

How beautiful to see after all the heartache, you have a happy, happy ending!!!