Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Big Girl

Well, here she is modeling her "Big Girl Panties!!" Yes, she is officially potty trained : )) Believe it or not she is no longer a Paci Addict either! She traded in her pacis for her favorite Backyardigans stuffed animals!!! Some huge milestones these past few months, she is growing up soooo fast!

We also had some fun at a local produce farm and she started swimming lessons last week! Hopefully the crying will end SOON : (( Well, here are some new pics!

One of my many new pairs of big girl panties : ) My favorite are the Ni Ho Kai Lan ones! My new horsie "Butterscotch!" I'm going to grandma's house!!
Front yard fun with Sammy!

Swimming with Lyra! One moment of fun and NO crying!

Mooommy,,,,mommmy,,, mommmy,,,maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmeee..

Now what???

Picking my own Strawberries at Tanaka Farms

An even trade,,, pacis for Pablo and Austin!


The Mrs/Mommy said...

happy mother's day!!!

Beth said...

Yeah for panties! She is getting so big.

Christy said...

So cute!!! Are you sure she's not wearing a diaper in that pic??

TJ said...

What a big girl!! She is a doll! In the blink of an eye . . . ahh! And once again our girls (and posts) are in sync - too funny!

Chris said...

OMG she is cuter every time to post :)
Congratulation on the potty training ( we are still not doing so good here )
Beautiful Lisa !!!