Sunday, June 6, 2010

Love it OR Hate it!

Loves getting her fingers and toes polished! ..but hates it when her toes "accidently" touch before they are dry!!

Lovin' her first pony ride! ......and then of course Hating it!

BUT, she ALWAYS loves her popcorn!

..but still HATES the backfloat!

Loves the new glasses!

Loves getting dirty in the sand with Sammy!

AND Looooves Rylee Bona!


Nevididi said...

I have missed you guys. She is growing up too fast. How are you doing? I wish Alayah would get with the potty training asap lol

Meggs said...

OOoohhh MMMYYYYY GOOOOSH! And Rylee Bona loves her too!!! Miss you already and can't wait for September!

Malia'sMama said...

Cute! Glasses?? Mal has an appt this friday, and I sure hopw it's a no b/c I cannot imagine her keeping them ON!
Btw, the one pic with a bald top of a head just beyond Zia's looks like she's had her head shaved ala St. Francis :) LOL