Thursday, November 3, 2011

"4" and Fabulous!!!

Wow,,, our little girl is the big "4!" Such a fun age and growing up so fast! The good news is that she still wants to marry daddy because he is her favorite boy!!!! Let's keep it that way Miss Z!!

This year little Miss Z was quite demanding in the birthday party arena. Her wish list was: pretty plates, pretty napkins, pretty cups, a banner inside and a banner outside, a caterpillar cake, bug cupcakes, yummy food, balloons, and last but not least, a pinata!!!! Needless to say, she got her wish list and had a great time with all of her friends. We may have a future Events Coordinator/Party Planner on our hands! Of course, she wouldn't be our Miss Z if she didn't remind us a few days later that we should have gotten her a jumper??!?!!!*#%

In addition to her birthday party, she got to go to the San Diego Zoo and have a celebration with all of her friends at pre-school....the party kept going!

Halloween was especially fun this year too...she LOVES Halloween! This year she was Jesse so of course daddy had to be Woody! We were the Toy Story family,,,,Nikko & Matt will be proud ; )

Zaela's first bike.. one cute beach cruiser!

Zaela's big brother and Kelly!

Friends and presents,,,, life is GOOOD!

The biggest Cupcake Pinata ever!!!

The "BUG" cupcakes!

Mommy's best attempt at a caterpillar cake.

Just one cute pic of the little girl who LOVES to wear rain gear!

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Meggan said...

OMG, DYING at Shands"Woody" literally giggled outloud and choked on my saliva :) it, what a good sport! Between that and Willy, I don't know which takes the cake! LOVE YOU miss Z, dont you worry we didnt forget your birthday sweet thing!!! XOXOXOXO We love you and Miss you all!!!