Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Christmas to Easter update.... boy how time flies!

Miss Z has been busy with her ballet classes and impersonating Princesses on a regular basis. EVERY morning we hear the "Click click" of her princess shoes heading our way! She just can not get enough of her little princess dress so the Easter Bunny thought he better add one into the rotation!! Her favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast....and she loves to reinacts every scene, dialogue and all!

Little Miss Z is all registered for Kindergarten and very excited : ) We also finally made it to Disneyland and planning our next visit on April 18th to celebrate her half birthday!!!

Me and my favorite bunny!

Look at me!

Grammie, grammie, grammie : )))))))

My first princess dress,, Princess Tiana! I want aaaaaaaalllllll the princess dresses!!

Easter Bunnies even leave Princess Belle dresses!!!! Wow,,,, that bunny is nice!

Easter morning.....look what the carrot trail lead to!


MamaDrea said...

Welcome Back! Love the updates on Princess Z, and I'm glad to have someone to go through this journey with :)


TJ said...

Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Little Z . . . all of the above!! Time does fly!! OMG - the cuteness!! I think you and I live in very similar princess worlds! Isn't it fun?! Hugs!