Friday, October 24, 2008

First week as ONE!

The small gathering for Zaela's birthday was fun! A last minute get together with a few close friends and she still got WAY spoiled:-) Gifts started arriving a week in advance for little Z-Rose. My house officially looks like an aisle at Toys-R-Us and her dresser is stuffed with clothes!!! Thanks everyone for celebrating her "1st" and making it so special!

Well Grandpa and Grandma are needing some pictures so here are a few of Zaela hard at play with some of her new toys!
Another birthday photo
OK so I got a lot of fun, new toys,,,, but today my favorite is the HOSE!

Cruising through my new tunnel!

See ya mom,,, I am outta here!!!

The world from a different angle!

Ready to SHOP!


Meggs said...

Ahhh, LOVE the pics!!!

Jocelyn said...

Cute stuff...I love that one of her bending over, it is adorable!!

SisterMom said...

aww Adda has a tunnel and she looooves it too.

Chris said...

wow , beautiful pictures. She is a little chunk too huh :)
She is beautiful and can't wait to meet you in person girls.
Have a great weekend .

Jesi and Joe said...

So cute! I love her chubby little legs! Ezra does that same bent over, look through the legs thing all the time! That's so cute! What a big girl she is already, and she's only one!