Monday, May 19, 2008


Well thanks for the wonderful feedback and encouragement everyone! I am just wondering how long I can actually entertain you without cute baby pics : - ) I better get Hermela home before I lose my BLOG posse! lol
As for me,, just working a lot to try and make some extra money for those "extra" expenses that will hopefully be coming my way soon!
Well, until I am able to share cute pics of Hermela... I may as well share some more of my favorite Africa Photos.... Zimbabwe first.. here are my favorite lazy lions, sunset on the Zambezi River, and of course the magnificent Victoria Falls.. "The Smoke that Thunders!"

I Love AFRICA!!!!!!!!!


Kim said...

beautiful pictures, I was just thinking yesterday about the fact that you needed a blog, good on you!
love kim

Jocelyn said...

It's about time:-) Welcome to the blogging world!! You need to plan on coming to the blog union in August. Go to Drew and Carey's blog from mine and go to their link...their are like 30 families coming!! I am so excited that you cave!!

Laurie said...

Your pictures are beautiful but I can't wait to see your lovely daughter's pictures posted here, too! Hang in there -- your day will come and you will have a beautiful and special baby daughter!

Rebecca said...

Woman! The pics are fabulous. I don't think that you're going to have a problem keeping us entertained.....and I don't mean just about the pics. :)