Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adoption Celebration!

YaY,,, two of my dearest friends are going to hostess a shower for me!!! I just had to see if I could find Ethiopian adoption specific invitations...with the click of a mouse I was able to find the cutest invites at I am looking forward to a wonderful day to honor little Hermela and her highly anticipated arrival to Huntington Beach:-))


Jocelyn said...

Those are great invitations!! I can't wait to see all the fun stuff you get!

Malia'sMama said...

Oh Perfect!!!

Bennett said...

I once saw these invitations on line, never booked marked them & could not figure out how get back 2 the site

they r the cutiest!!!!


Lisa said...

Glad I could find them for you again Celeste!! Hope it wasn't too late??

The Wilkinsons said...

I am so happy to be reading your blog again. Smiling and crying with you! Yay! July 2nd couldn't come sooner! Oh BTW, love love love the invites!

Mike & Amy said...

Lisa, the invitations are adorable. You so deserve a wonderful baby shower. Enjoy every minute!