Sunday, June 29, 2008

To my Non-Blogger Family & Friends

For those of you that are not in the Blogging world and would like to leave comments on my's quite easy. Just click on the small "comments" underneath the post. On the next page, right hand side toward the bottom you will see; sign up here. Just click on that, enter your e-mail address and create a Blogger Google account! Then just type in your comment and it will be published! It is a great way to stay connected,,, look forward to hearing from you:-)))


Judy said...

OK!!!! I guess I can do this Blogging thing too. I do like the patio, and Little Missy can see the flowers grow, and help you water the planters, every other day.

Lisa said...

See how easy that was!!! Hopefully the flowers will still be alive when she gets here!

Vikram said...

Even though I copied most of your house color schemes and incorporated them to my house, there is now way that I'm getting anything pink.

Hey SPA!! Just found out the you had a blog and wanted to say hi. Also that I'm very proud to count someone as my friend who is doing such a good thing for someone, ie: Giving them a better life.

Good for you and god bless ya!! Just don't raise her to be a pain in the ass like you.... ;)


Lisa said...

Geeez, and that's what I get for encouraging my friends! LOL
Welcome to the Blogging world Gator!