Friday, June 6, 2008

Precious Moments

This is my precious angel baby, Nevaeh Rose. In my first post I mentioned that Hermela was my third referral, Nevaeh Rose was my first. I accepted her referral on October 3, 2007 and had the opportunity to visit her in Ethiopia on October 8th during an unrelated visit to Africa. At about 12 noon, Nevaeh's caretaker arrived in the lobby of Hilton with a little pink bundle and placed her in my arms. I was able to spend a few precious hours with her.

One in ten children in Ethiopia die before their first birthday. One in six children die before their fifth birthday. For many these are just some more statistics, for those of us forever connected to Ethiopia with our children and experiences, these statistics hit home and are heartbreaking. Unfortunately, Nevaeh fell into these devastating statistics on November 6th. I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet her, she was the sweetest baby and already loved. She made a huge impact on so many people in her short time on this earth. She may have left us in body, but her spirit I will forever carry with me in my heart.

It has been a heartbreaking journey for sure, as my second referral named Edom also passed away in December. It is difficult to understand it all, however, I have no regrets with my decision to adopt and am a better person to have had these two babies in my life. It has taken some time, and my adoption process will never be the same, however, I can say that I am so happy when I look at Hermela's pictures. I look forward to bringing her home and one day telling her about her sisters Nevaeh and Edom.

They will never be forgotten.


Kim said...

oh my gosh. I have cried so much tonight. I have never seen video of her. I can't belive such a pretty little thing is now in Heaven. It is unreal to me and this drives the whole thing home. How can that happen. I just don't understand. My heart just hurt. At first I thought it was Hermela! I will forever be sorry this world lost such a beautiful little girl.

Malia'sMama said...

I am so glad you are able to post about your loss and share your angel baby with the world. I will never forget my Kaia, and funny but when Jan 23rd marked 1 yr since she died, the pain truly subsided. I feel her, I remember her, but I am not constantly thinking about what happened, or worried for MalĂ­a like I once was. I hope your pain lessens completely, too.

SisterMom said...

I am still so very sorry. All I can say is that Hermela is so so lucky to have two sisters waiting for her and watching over her! All three are so lucky to have had you as their mommy, no matter for how long.

Rebecca said...

Ah, Lisa. That got me. You know, those two little girls were blessed to have you in their short lives. I truly believe that they knew (and still do) that you loved them.

Julie said...

How incredibly sad, and what a strong woman you are. You are going to be a wonderful mom.