Thursday, August 7, 2008

Purchases, Packing, & Update!

This Beco Carrier is my latest purchase! I plan on using my Lucky Sling (thanks Rebecca!) while in Ethiopia, but just in case she is too big,,, I will have my Beco!

The packing is coming along! I have Zaela all packed and ready, now I just have to get myself packed. I have quite the long "to do" list for the weekend, but I will be more than ready to leave by next Friday.

Many waiting families also received an update from Jaclyn this morning! HERE was mine on Zaela (Hermela):

Hermela- A DOLL of course! She is so cute! I think she is wearing about 12 months Lisa. 6-9 month may fit but not for long. I have that size for Theo and I am going to leave them here because they won't fit when I come back. The caregivers say "Hermela and Theo are so big!" The are the biggest in the room.

Thanks Jaclyn!! The countdown is on!!!!


Jocelyn said...

I love the carrier...getting so excited for your travels!! YAY!!!

Bennett said...

Yes Lisa the count down is going down... I am so happy for you,and I will continue to send up prayers for. I can't wait to see photos, and also give me a blow by blow report on Emirates, I am thinking of using them, when it is my turn to go.


Anonymous said...

Love the carrier! Can't wait to see a picture of the two of you actually using it!!! Not long now!

Chris said...

Love the carrier!! Too cute, but not as cute as your LITTLE Zaela!! I am getting giddy just knowing that our day is finally coming!!! Just 8 more days and we are on our way!!
Can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

What a great carrier. How exciting!

Kim said...

I tear up everytime I read your blog. I just do. I am so happy for you I cannot wait for you to go I really cannot.!!
Love Kim

Christy said...

That is the best darn Beco I have EVER seen! You have excellent taste! It will look great on Grandma too!

Judy said...

I am packed and ready to travel!!! Can not wait to see Little Missy in that neat carrier.