Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look who has taken over my HB pad!?!!!

It's hard to believe that we have not even been home for a week! Zaela is settling into her new home quite well. That's right,,, all 23 lbs and 28 inches of her is letting me know who the Princess of the Palace is!!! This is what we have been up to the last few days.... :-)

Zaela's custom new chair!!! THANKS PAM!!!

Heeeeyy.... Give me a call... Let's chat!

Lovin' the Jumperoo!!!

Ready to walk so I can really tear up this place!!?!!!

My first Bob Stroller ride!

My first mail!!! THANKS Auntie Christy and Rebecca!

My first ride in my new car seat!

Definitely not digging the whole Dr. thing! ENOUGH already!!!

AAhhhh.... my favorite nap spot outside on the porch! Night Night!


Jocelyn said...

I love her shows in these pictures!! I am so excited to be able to read posts about you and your daughter!!

Bennett said...

Very nice Lisa...........what a beauty

Meggs said...

LOVE THE PICS! WE have the same jumparoo and car seat and rylee loves it!!!! Glad to see you're all doing well!

Hauswife said...

B-E-A-utiful! So very precious!

Christy said...

She is such a ham!!! I love her little poses! Can't wait to take out our Bobs together. Do you think a chocolate lab will fit?

Rebecca said...

So friggin' awesome! You two were made for each other, sassiness and all! :)

Amy said...

She is already such a diva isnt she?! So adorable. Glad she is adjusting so well.


kelly said...

Lisa, she is so adorable and you look very content..i keep logging on your blog to see the new pictures. I cannot believe that you are a mom! I know that you were made to be a mamma..Zaela is so lucky to have found you. Your mom looks pretty happy..where's your dad?

SisterMom said...

I am so so happy for you! You finally got your girl! You two just go together!
I can't wait to visit!

Chris said...

AWWWWWWWW Thanks for the pictures and update.
Precious . I am so happy for you :))))

Laurie said...

Zaela is a star! She's adorable. And you look so happy. I'm so glad you both are finally together.

Meggs said...

Ooooh, reading your comment really made me laugh out loud! U did read that ryan dances better in Ethiopia!:) Sad, but true...can't wait to get that video from Greg and Chris! Miss you guys! Give Zaela smooches!