Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're HOME!

Where do I start??? We arrived home lastnight around 10 PM. Zaela is quite the little girl! She is a sweet snuggle bunny with quite the personality already. She knows exactly what she wants and pretty much better go along with it or else! Hmmmm,,, sounds hauntingly familiar! She took to us easily and overall is doing quite well with all of the travel and changes she has experienced in the last few days.

Speaking of travel... for a multitude of reasons it was almost unbearable. It was a difficult trek both ways but of course worth it all in the end. Nikko and her mother-in-law were with us during the majority of the travel and in country stay. It was great to have the extra help and support during the hectic and sometimes stressful stay in Ethiopia. We also got to spend time with the Mott's, Tim, Theresa, and another great family from another agency. It really did make the experience all the sweeter with such great company!!!!

So this is what I know so far... Zaela loves being outside! She seems to be captivated with everything going on and does not want to miss a thing. Day one I have also found that she LOVES her jumperoo and bathtime! As a matter of fact, bathtime was so engaging that I also got one:-)

It was hard to narrow it down, but here are a few pictures. I will eventually do a slide show,,but when I will have time....who knows?? LOL Oh, and check out the pics to see who welcomed Zaela and Fiori into America!!! SWEET! Just wanted to let everyone know we are home safe and Zaela is doing great! I will post more later, but as you can imagine I am still tired and a bit distracted with my sweet girlie!

GOTCHA 08/18/08!!!!

SWEET girl :-)

Sleepy time!

At her first doctor's visit in Addis Ababa!

Sound asleep at the New Flower!

All dressed up for grandma!!!

Am I cute or am I CUTE??

Making friends in the bassinet section of the aircraft!
The next two supermodels meeting Brooke Shields at JFK!

HOME SWEET HOME and playing at 3 AM!!!!

Lovin' my bathtime!!!


Jocelyn said...

I can't even express how happy I am to see Zaela home and in your arms. Lisa, she is just beautiful...isn't it amazing?? You are a Mommy:-)!!!! YAY!!!!

Christy said...

I'm in Maui all teary eyed! It just won't seem real til I see her for myself... two days! I am sooo excited for both of you! And Grandma too!

ellerbee eight said...

She looks awesome! I can't believe how big she is. I love all the pictures and I'm so happy you are home. I cannot wait to hear more about your beautiful little girl. Brooke Shields huh? How awesome is that?

SisterMom said...

I wanna see her!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful you are home. And Zaela just adorible.

Rebecca said...

Hello Ladies! Welcome to America, Zaela girl!! So glad you are back and have the little princess in your arms. Call me when you're up to it! Love ya!

RossVix said...

Welcome Home Lisa!!

Zaela is so beautiful. I am so happy for you. Congratulations! :0)


Chris said...

She is gorgeous .
Brooke Shield huh !! Wow . I was hoping for Btad Pitt in Ethiopia :)
Congratulation and Welcome back :)

Bennett said...

I am so happy for you Lisa, it has been a long time comming.......

Anonymous said...

She is amazing and beautiful! And you two together are just perfect.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Mama! Can't wait to see more pictures. I'm so happy for you guys! Rest up and enjoy each other. :-)

Aunt Theresa said...

Oh!! She is SO CUTE!! And darling! What a wonderful gift our family has! Enjoy! Lisa and Grandma and Zaela - you are all positively GLOWING and I'm grinning from ear to ear!
Love to you all ~

Uncle Greg, Auntie Theresa and Grandpa

Malia'sMama said...

Oh honey, she's HOOOOOOOOOOOOME! She's REAL!!!!!!
I am so, so , sooooooo beyond words happy that this journey to mamahood has finally had its happy ending.
What a beautiful girl. Keep her in the sling for now when you walk/travel etc- it really does create a bond you and she will feel as your hearts neat together.
love and hugs from the other 2 who have "been there"
Malia's Mama and Malia!1 :)

Yumichan said...

Can you believe it I'm finally posting a message!!! I didn't know how to post on this site...

Lisa, when I picked you three up at the airport it made me cry seeing that beautiful baby girl in your arms!!!! She is so very lucky to have you and your great family. Our babies are going to grow "OLD" together!!!! Love you, Tina Mike and Little Mikey

rich and carra said...

We are so excited and overjoyed for you and baby love!!!! She is such a joyful little being. I've ordered some music for the both of you and will send it as soon as it arrives.
Love to you both and Grandma Judy (your happy expressions are priceless!!!)

The Nevada alliance,
Rich, Carra, and Sarah

Amy said...

So glad you made it home safely. Welcome home Zaela girl. She is more adorable than I remembered Lisa. So glad you followed your heart to her.:)

Take care!

Chris said...

Hey Mama . We want to see more picture.
Hope that everything is good with you and Z.