Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy to Wait for Hermie!

I was reminded by my mom that little "Hermie" is worth the wait! Very true,,, she is just so darn cute and I am sure that once I actually get her, the last thing I will be thinking about is the little extra time I had to wait to get her! For sure, the wait is hard but I am in good company with the ladies who are in the same court grouping,,,Chris, Nikko, and Theresa. To have their support and understanding makes the situation we are all in seem more tolerable. We are all hoping the 2nd time around will be a charm so we can all travel together and spend some happy time together in Ethiopia:))


Bennett said...

Lisa you are so right any thing worth having is always worth the wait.

Just reember GOD is good all the time, and it is always in his time never in ours.

GOD bless take care

Chris said...

I am happy to read this post . Yes she is worth the wait:)
Have a great day .

Mike & Amy said...

She is SOOOOO worth the wait. And very soon you will be holding her in your arms!!!!! Keep the faith Lisa!