Friday, July 18, 2008

The Wait for Hermie Continues

Unfortunately my case along with the 3 others filed with mine were not heard today. The courts are overwhelmed and two weeks away from their yearly 2 month court closure. Since they did not have time to get to them today, we were told that they will be reviewed early next week.
So another disappointment in the long trail of disappointments. Not much I can do but march on and hope next week Hermela will officially be the newest addition to the Wedekind family:)
Thanks again to my friends, family, and fellow Hopesters for the phone calls, emails, and endless support. You all truly make the blows of disappointment seem a little less painful. I hope next week will bring me, Chris, Theresa, and Nikko the news we have been patiently waiting for!!!


Bennett said...

Hey Lisa

My heart goes out to you and all the others who have waited for so long.........Hold onto your faith, and know it will happen in his time. Never give up hope, your cutie will be home w/you very soon.

Jocelyn said...

I am sorry to hear this Lisa...I'll be thinking of you and hoping for good news next week.

Judy said...

I love the big "SAD EYES" Smiley face!! WE will wait for Hermie, she is happy and healthy, and soon will be in here new home with you. Did you sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", (9 months old today)??

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this! I do know, from personal experience, that chocolate and/or alcohol can help slightly between the excruciating court waits! ;-) Take care and try to have a good weekend. I know you'll get the news you've been waiting so long for next week!

Mike & Amy said...

Hey Lisa. I'm so sorry you got pushed back. I'll be praying for good news next week. I agree with Karens alcohol n chocolate combo but would encourage you to consider adding a super size order of french fries to make sure you get your salty fix:)!
Hang in there!!!!

Rebecca said...

Hey girl. This has to be this week. Either that or we're going with plan B! :)

Robbin said...

HI Lisa,

I am sending positive vibes your way that court will go positive for you this week.

Stay strong.


Chris said...

Again I am so sorry about Friday:(
Let us know as soon as your hear something this week. Hopefully today :)

The Wilkinson's said...

I am crying right along with you about this Lisa. I know too well the pain that comes with not passing court. Love and prayers to you.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog. My heart goes out to you. Hoping you hear good news this week.


ellerbee eight said...

I am so sorry... once again. It's like running a marathon, seeing the finish line and having some court officials in a foreign land keep moving the finish line. Well it's kind of like that. We continue to pray for you and the others in your excruciating wait. I cannot wait to hear that little Hermie is coming home!