Saturday, July 12, 2008

Countdown to my shower!

Tomorrow is my "Adoption Celebration"! One advantages of working in LA is the LA Flowermart. There are millions of flowers in warehouse after warehouse and it is a bit overwhelming to have to pick amongst so many! Well, I was feeling orchids for some reason and made a few arrangements lastnight for tomorrows festivities,,here are a few pics of the larger arrangements!


Bennett said...

Best of luck at your shower........I can't wait to see pics and hear a/b all the wonderful things you get as gifts.

Have lots of fun.

Mike & Amy said...

Lisa I hope that you have a WONDERFUL time at your shower tomorrow. Enjoy every minute of your special day!

SisterMom said...

I really wish we could be there! The flowers are beautiful!!!

Chris said...

Beautiful flowers Lisa. Hope that you had a great time . Can't wait to see pictures :)