Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Four of us had court dates today with my agency - none of us made it through. Unfortunately, court is as unpredictable and inconsistent as the rest of the entire adoption process. Apparently the governing body (MOWA) asked for additional information and paperwork on each of our cases from our Agency. I don't have any additional information and probably never will know exactly what the issues are. I believe our next court date is scheduled for July 18th. In the big scheme of thing another 2 weeks is not a big deal. The wait and constant disappointment is just getting old. In the meantime, a little good 'ol Mickey D's is always good for the soul and if anyone sees a Superhero in their neighborhood, apparently I may need him to complete this adoption process!!!!

Thanks to Nikko, Chris, and Theresa and everyone who checked in lastnight and this morning:))))


Rebecca said...

Hang in there girl....if I see Superman...actually any good man...I'll send him your way. I am still open if you want to go kidnap Hermie....let me know!!

Mike & Amy said...

Oh dangit girl I'm sorry for the disappointment today. I'll be praying the second time is the charm. Just keep focusing on that moment when you hold your GORGEOUS baby girl in your arms.

Hang in there!!

Chris said...

I am so sorry .
like Amy said the second time will be the charm.
I can join Rebecca for the kidnapping thing. I could fly for 17 hours sitting next to her with a couple glass of wine and laugh all the way there :) that girl is too funny:)

Stay strong it will happen:) VERY SOON
Hugs and love

Jocelyn said...

I am so sorry to hear this...I know the next 2 weeks are going to be tough. I will be thinking about you and hoping that the next time all goes well. Sending you a lot of hugs!