Saturday, July 5, 2008

Update on Hermela!

My friend Kim just returned from Ethiopia with her beautiful daughter Nettie!!! Welcome Home Kim... it has been a long journey for you! Congratulations:))

Kim was kind enough to give me an update on Hermela... "She is adorable. she is huge. I mean fat. she is so healthy and she stands out. She is a chunky monkey. I tried to get a pictre of her smiling but as soon as the pressure was on to preform she decided she wasn't going to. The care giver holding her tried to get her to smile at the strange white face and beaming blue eyes but I am sure i looked crazy to her. She has gorgeous soft hair with beatiful curls. She did smile a lot just not for the camera."

Looks like I better get off the computer and into the gym so I will be able to carry my little chunkster around:))


Jocelyn said...

Yes, go lift weights. My friend Kerri told me to and I didn't listen. Pacey was only 13 pounds when she came home and my arms HURT SO BAD FOR WEEKS:-)
I can't wait to hear that little miss chunky monkey is youres!!!

Rebecca said...

I agree too!!! I pulled the tendon in my ankle the first week Ava was home....went to the doc and said "I have no idea what the heck I did to my ankle, but it hurts like the dickens"....uh, was from carrying around that extra 26 pounds!! Eek!!
Soft, curly hair....awwww....

Chris said...

Sweet !!you will have so much fun with her :)

The Wilkinson's said...

She is so beautiful Lisa! Those eyes! Mhmmm! She is already a heart breaker!