Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's in a Name???

I still have not decided on what to name my cute litte girl?? It is such an important decision and of course I want her to love her name! It is quite possible I am going to wait until I get to Ethiopia and get to see her in person before I make a decision. So, don't get too used of Hermela,, although I don't think she will ever lose the nickname "Hermie"! Poor girl!! LOL


Judy said...

Yes, she will always be "Our Little Hermie",,, every kid has a nick name!!!

Gramdma, Judy

Rebecca said...

Gasp.....I thought that we'd know...the one that starts with a Z!!!! Seriously tho, we didn't decide, for sure, until we met Ava what her name would be. You'll know....when you see her, you'll know. But, I'm still pulling for the Z one. :)

Chris said...

What was the z one again ??? I remember liking it a lot too.
Meke a poll and we vote . FUN FUN FUN
You know that I named one of my pup Zana, Some woman told me that it means little baby in african??? Not sure but I really liked the name. You can use it if you want :)

SisterMom said...

I thought Addis would never loose Fitty as her nickname, but slowly she did. I don't think I liked the Z one, right??